Wondering how to make the old Mac & Cheese you love into a new and tasty dish?

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Mac & Cheese Recipes!

Jazz Up Dinner With These
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You can easily turn Dinner into something special with these
75 Mac & Cheese Around The World Recipes -- and create exciting new dishes with just a few minutes of  preparation!


Dear Mac & Cheese Lover,

If your dinners are 'stuck in a rut', with the same old thing week after week and just thinking about what to make for dinner is a big chore...

Then it's past time for a real change!

I know how it is, because I find most cooks are really bored with making dinner night after night.

After a long work day you need something that is super easy to make, inexpensive and takes only minutes to put together -- but tastes great!

And makes you and your family want seconds!

You can start making more exciting main dishes when you have new fun recipes to get your "dinner cooking juices excited"!

Please continue reading to find out something new to 'try for a change of pace for dinner tonight!

Hi, my name is Curtis and for as long as I can remember I have wanted to share some of my favorite recipes with my fellow Mac & Cheese Lovers.

Macaroni and Cheese is as common a food term as apple pie in the United
States but has anyone else in the world ever heard of this tasty comfort

You might be surprised to learn that macaroni and cheese is known around the globe, each culture offering their own unique cultural presentation. I've spent months searching the world over for a selection of the most popular recipes for scrumptious macaroni and cheese dishes.

Want something new and unusual for dinner?

You are welcome to try one or two or try them all and select your favorite. Interested in recipes from other countries? Have a cultural meal with the family for a change of pace or just to better understand the ingredients that are used in foreign lands -- and their own favorite Mac & Cheese Recipes!

The Cookbook covers Mac & Cheese Favorites from countries including: Algeria,  Libya, Tunisia, South Africa, Nigeria, Sengal, Egypt, Ghana, Morocco, Armenia, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, India, Israel, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, Australia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland,  North America, Canada, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru -- 75 Recipes in all!

Now for your Mac & Cheese pleasure I am going to reveal many of my favorite recipes right on this page!

Here's just one of my favorite recipes you'll be getting that's inside the book!

That's just one of 75 Mac & Cheese Delights you will find right here on this page...

“...I love mac & cheese and so do my kids...

But Mac and Cheese can get a little boring even if it is yours (and your kid's) favorite dish for a quick and tasty dinner.

But if you've ever spent some time online or spent money buying cookbooks trying to figure out how to add some zing to this favorite dish you may have thrown up your hands in frustration.

Very few cookbooks do justice to showing you new and creative alternatives that are not only good for you but fit your grocery budget too!

One of my personal favorites is this "slow cooker mac & cheese" which is great to make with my slow cooker on a cold winter's day!

You can see the delicious recipes I've shared right on this page and there are 74 more inside the book for your dinner cooking pleasure!

But that's not all...

You can dress Mac & Cheese up with steamed broccoli and a special combination of spices to tempt the palette and make it fit for even a high class luncheon!

The only thing that is limiting you is not having a copy of this cookbook in your kitchen!

Now I want to share with you how...

Mac & Cheese can be the "star attraction"

of your next tasty meal...

You can be a "creative cook" by adding new and exciting ingredients to make your Mac & Cheese not only relegated to being a side dish -- but instead becomes the "big main attraction"!

By adding:

  • red bell and green peppers - to wake up the taste buds!

  • garlic, cloves, oregano, chili pepper and special spices

  • Tabasco sauce

  • olives

  • mushrooms

  • onions

  • cottage cheese

  • tomatoes

  • potatoes

  • ground beef

  • ground lamb

  • chicken breasts

  • smoked salmon

  • broccoli

  • celery

  • Swiss chard

  • artichoke hearts

  • grape juice

  • applesauce

  • whipping cream

  • and even pineapple chunks!

Find out all about these exciting and taste tempting recipes inside the 75 Mac & cheese Recipes Around The World Cookbook!


Mac & Cheese Kosher Recipe..."

I also have a "kosher mac & cheese" recipe for those kosher lovers!


Now doesn't this Mac & Cheese with ground beef make your mouth water?

Get the Mac & Cheese Around The World Cookbook and get the recipe for it and make it tonight!


Introducing for your cooking pleasure...


“Includes many Simple,

Easy and Inexpensive dishes

you can make in minutes”

You can even freeze Mac & Cheese for individual servings for those nights when you want to just thaw, microwave and eat!

Here’s what other happy people have to say about using my


"I loved the new mac and cheese recipes! They really work great to spice up my old mac and cheese dinners. My family just raves about the new variations and my husband tells me "You're a good cook!" Get this mac and cheese cookbook you'll be glad you did!"

Thank you,

Marjorie L.


"Everyone I've showed my new mac and cheese recipes wants to know where the recipe came from! So I've sent my friends to your website so they could get their own!"

 "Thanks for compiling all these recipes."

Reynard B.


"These recipes are a smash hit with my ladies group! We've used some of the recipes for our meetings and we have received rave reviews!

Jenelle H.


 "The cookbook is a good one for someone like me who likes to try to cook a casserole and give my wife the night off. I was pleased that even my kids like these recipes too!

Mel M.


 "The cookbook provides numerous mac and cheese recipes that take only minutes to make, and work well for me as I am a working Mom. The kids pick out their favorites too! Thanks for putting all these together in one book, it's a cookbook I will definitely keep and is a good buy."

Gabrielle R



Plus when you order today, I am including all 5 of these special bonuses to help make cooking a pleasure and to help safeguard yours and your family's health!

All 5 are yours absolutely free!


From Scratch: How To Make Everyday Food
and Household Items Yourself

Save Money - Live Better and Make It From Scratch At Home! Find out how to make all these home-made goodies and necessities from scratch. Directions are simple to understand and follow to ensure you do it right the first time.

  • How To Make Your Own Home-Made Apple Pie

  • How To Save Money and Make Your Own Baby Food

  • How To Make Spicy Barbecue Sauce

  • Bake Melt In Your Mouth Banana Bread

  • How To Make Home-Made Salad Dressing

  • Recipe For Holiday Cranberry Sauce

  • How To Make Easy Pigs In A Blanket

  • How To Make Tasty Carrot Cake

  • Make Your Own Donuts From Scratch

  • Make Your Own Hot Biscuits And Gravy

  • Eat Healthier and Make Your Own Butter

  • Home Brew Ginger Ale Recipe

  • Make Your Own Twinkies

  • How To Make Your Own Healthy Yogurt

  • Make Your Own Lo Calorie Mayonnaise

  • Recipe For Tasty Peanut butter

  • How To Make Your Own Potato Chips

  • Make Your Own Pet Food for Dogs and Cats

  • How To Make Your Own Home Made Pizza

  • Fondue Recipe For Your Next Party

  • Make Your Own Healthy Smoothies

  • Save Money and Make Your Own Ice Cream

  • How To Make Your Own Salsa

  • How To Make Your Own Fermented Foods

  • Save Money and Make Your Own Weed Killer

  • How To Make Odor-Free Laundry Detergent and Soap

  • Make Your Own Toothpaste and Deodorant

  • How To Make Your Own Scented Candles at Home
    You get all the home-made recipes for all these!

* Instant downloadable book read with Free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

~ Yours Absolutely Free!


Copycat Cook - Famous Restaurant Recipes

Here's the Table of Contents of this Fabulous Famous Restaurant Recipes Cookbook!

1. Orange Julius® Orange Julius®
2. Bill's Barbecue Limeade
3. Applebee's® Shirley Temple
4. Starbucks® Frappuccino®
5. The American Cafe® Orange Spice Tea
6. Red Lobster® Cheddar Bay Biscuits
7. The American Cafe® Bread Service
8. Chili's® Skillet Queso
9. Bennigan's® Irish Haystack
10. Black – eyed Pea® Fried Corn
11. Outback Steakhouse® Sauteed 'Shrooms
12. Black – eyed Pea® Glazed Carrots
13. The American Cafe® House (side salad)
14. Olive Garden® Tuscan Potatoes
15. The American Cafe® California Bleu
16. Outback Steakhouse® Roasted Garlic Mashed
17. Ruby Tuesday's® Coconut Shrimp
18. Steak and Ale® Rosemary Chicken
19. Chili's® Guiltless Black Bean Burger
20. Red Lobster® Grilled Rainbow Trout with Citrus Butter
21. O'Charley's® Black & Bleu Casear Salad
22. Bennigan's® Reuben
23. Benihana® Vegetable Delight (Tsutsumi – Yaki)
24. Olive Garden® Pork Filettino
25. The American Cafe® Roasted Garlic Alfredo
26. Olive Garden® Mushroom Alfredo
27. Applebee's® Crispy Buttermilk Shrimp
28. Houlihan's® Chcken BLT on Focaccia
29. O'Charley's® Pecan Chicken Tender Salad
30. Burger King® Chicken Fries
31. Red Lobster® Crab Alfredo
32. Chili's® Margarita Grilled Chicken
33. Steak and Ale® Garlic Sirloin
35. Steak and Ale® HAWAIIAN CHICKEN
36. Country Store Sausage - Cheese Balls
37. Steak and Ale® KENSINGTON® CLUB
39. The American Cafe® Original New York Pasta Pie®
40. Olive Garden® Capellini Pomodoro
41. Applebee's® Club House Grill
42. Olive Garden® Chicken Vino Bianco
43. Applebee's® Grilled Tilapia with Mango Salsa
44. Olive Garden® Chicken Marsala
45. Red Lobster® Fudge Overboard®
46. Benihana® Banana Tempura
47. The American Cafe® Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie
48. None Such Place French Silk Pie
49. O'Charley's® Ooey Gooey Caramel Pie
50. Outback Steakhouse® Sydney's Sinful Sundae®

Need I say more? Even one of these incredibly scrumptious recipes in this bonus is worth the cost of this offer!

* Instant downloadable book read with Free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

~ Yours Absolutely Free!


Tips & Techniques For Cooking Like A Chef

Includes 101 Tips and Techniques for Cooking like a Chef like these:

Tip # 7:

Stop water from boiling over. To keep pans from boiling over when cooking, add a thin layer of butter around the rim of the pan. This works well for rice, pasta and potatoes

Tip # 9:
For perfect results freeze the cake before cutting it. For perfect results freeze the cake before cutting it. For perfect results freeze the cake before cutting it. For perfect results freeze the cake before cutting it. For perfect results freeze the cake before cutting it. For perfect results freeze the cake before cutting it. For perfect results freeze the cake before cutting it.

Tip #167:

There's interesting uses for apples. You may have heard before that it’s best to keep apples stored separately from other fruits and vegetables because they give off gases that speed up ripening. Well those same gases are actually useful for some things. An apple wedge in the bag will soften clumped brown sugar over night. It will also keep your potatoes from sprouting.

And you get 98 more!

* Instant downloadable book read with Free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

~ Yours Absolutely Free!


Herbal Tea Remedies

Herbal Tea Remedies - The Ultimate Collection - 87 Herbal Tea Remedy Recipes!

  1. 21st Century Tea

  2. ADD/ADHD Remedy Tea

  3. After Dinner Carminative Tea

  4. Allergy Season Blend Tea

  5. Aphrodite Blend Tea

  6. Bladder Infections Tea

  7. Blood Builder Tea

  8. Blossoms of Health Tea

  9. Blues Tea

  10. Breast Health Tea

  11. Bronchial Congestion Tea

  12. Calming Tea 1

  13. Calming Tea 2

  14. Colds and Flu Tea

  15. Colds and Hoarseness Tea

  16. Winter Tea

  17. Coughing Fits Tea

  18. Crone Root Tea

  19. Detoxification Tea

  20. Dream Tea

  21. Dual Purpose Tea

  22. Echinacea & Roots Tea

  23. Evening Repose Tea

  24. Fever Reducer Tea

  25. Flashes Blend Tea

  26. Flu-away Tea

  27. Fluid Retention Tea

  28. Tea for menstrual problems, fertility and childbirth

  29. Forests Tea (formerly Lung Blend)

  30. Happy Man Tea Blend

  31. Happy Tummy Tea

  32. Headache Tea

  33. Healing Ginger Tea

  34. Less Stress Tea

  35. Mellow Mood Tea

  36. Memory Zest Blend Tea

  37. Moon Ease Tea

  38. My Nerves Are Shot Tea

  39. Natural Concentration Tea

  40. Nausea Tea

  41. Nervous Stomach Tea

  42. Nervous Tension Tea

  43. "No-Sweat" Tea

  44. Pinkeye Tea

  45. Pleasant Dreams Tea

  46. Quiet Child Tea

  47. Quiet Time Tea

  48. Rejuvenation Tea

  49. Relaxation Tea

  50. Sleep Tea Recipe

  51. Soothing Tea

  52. Spiced Relief Tea

  53. Tea For Health

  54. Tea for Nervousness

  55. Tummy Tea

  56. Upset Stomach Tea

  57. Urinary Infection Tea

  58. Winter Tea

  59. Wise Woman Tea

  60. Tea - Patti's Pain Killer

  61. Stress-Reducing Rest Tea

  62. Soar Throat Tea

  63. Licorice Root Tea

  64. Slippery Elm Tea

  65. Peppermint Tea

  66. The Common Cold Tea

  67. Stomach Ache Tea

  68. Fever Buster Tea

  69. Dry, Raspy Cough Tea

  70. Aches and Pains Tea

  71. Blood Builder Tea

  72. Constipation Tea

  73. Cramp Tea

  74. Detox Tea

  75. Dry Congestion Tea

  76. During Cold or Sinus Season Tea

  77. Epilepsy Combination Tea

  78. Tea For Digestive Problems

  79. Heartburn Tea

  80. Hops Sleep Blend Tea

  81. Memory Minder Tea

  82. Stop that Cough Tea

  83. Super Relaxer Tea

  84. Tranquility Tea

  85. Bad Breath Tea

  86. Baby Sleep Tea

  87. Depression Tamer Tea
    You get all 87 of these soothing and restorative herbal tea recipes!

* Instant downloadable book read with Free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

~ Yours Absolutely Free!


It's Your Body, You Can Die If You Want To

This health conscious book reveals the hidden dangers in the processed foods we eat.

Reading labels on food items isn't just for the health conscious person anymore. It's essential for everyone to be educated on what to look for when considering food
purchases in order to buy foods to live a healthy lifestyle. There are, unfortunately, several hidden ingredients in many of the foods we eat on a daily basis which can make you gain weight and can be even harmful to your health.

Discover the insider secrets about the nasty side effects from consuming high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, artificial sweeteners, refined flour, soda, and food preservatives and colored dyes added to the food we eat.

Revealed is the little known link between processed meats and cancer!

* Instant downloadable book read with Free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

~ Yours Absolutely Free!

That's a sweet deal isn't it?

Here is the very best part,

you can have them for free to try for 60 days!

I'm going to take all the pressure off your decision to buy this package right now!

My promise to you…

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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I guarantee it.

I’m confident that you’ll thoroughly enjoy and really benefit from what you will learn in Mac & Cheese Cookbook package  After you read the books, and used some of the recipes you'll be thrilled with your new cooking expertise!

And your friends and family will rave about your new recipes too!

The total cost of Mac & Cheese Cookbook package is only $29.95.

This is a bargain because if you had to spend the time looking for all these fabulous recipes it would take you hundreds of hours to find them and you probably wouldn't be able to find them all in one place at this super low package price!

Get Ready To Create New and Exciting Dishes

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I Want To End My Problems With...

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With the Mac & Cheese Cookbook package you'll be able to have several new and exciting recipes to spice up your dinners

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Get ready to WOW your friends and family with the new and tasty dinners you'll be making!

Mac & Cheese Cookbook package can give you what you need to do to be the good cook you've always wanted to be.

Try Mac & Cheese Cookbook package out today -- completely risk-free -- and have fun making a new and flavorful Mac & Cheese Dinner tonight!


Here is my
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Imagine experiencing real fun when cooking in your kitchen as you try these new Mac & Cheese recipes -- because you'll be thrilled with the many compliments you'll get on your fantastic cooking!

Here's to more fun cooking!

Your Friend,



P. S. Get the Mac & Cheese Cookbook package with the 5 bonus ebooks and start having more fun cooking and baking. You might want share your cooking expertise and invite friends over for a home-cooked meal! 

So buy it now and get started cooking and baking!

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